Harvest 2020: Whole Body Reset Program

Join me for the Whole Body Reset Program!

This program is an on-line, Zoom event that will take place at 6:30pm SK time over 6 weeks (Week 1 is an introductory session before it starts + 4 weeks of the program + a very special guest speaker on Week 5).


Program Overview:

  • Simple and effective detoxification program focused on ensuring success by providing realistic and attainable diet and lifestyle modifications 
  • All recommendations build on the previous weeks protocols to ensure successful integration 
  • Supplement and superfood recommendations are included but not mandatory to support key aspects of the program
  • Weekly on-line meetings via Zoom (usually 30-40 min in length) 
  • Handouts provided for each week sessions
  • Menu plans – shopping lists – recipes included
  • Private Facebook page included for on-going support

Start date: October 19, 2020 @ 6:30pm SK time

Price: $129.99 (first time participants)

*For returning participants, price is $19.99 (this fee will be waived if returning participants register a new participant).

**This program may be covered by extended health insurance.

Click here to register for Harvest 2020 Whole Body Reset Program.