2021 Intentions – Dr Wendy Davis ND

2021 Intentions

As noted in this months introduction, author Anthony Yeung has a great take on how to start a new year. Instead of adding a set of unrealistic expectation to your already full schedule, how about looking at what we can minimize to allow more time for relaxation and happiness.

Keep personal social media to a minimum.

Delete news feeds or any apps that may cause you anxiety or undue stress. 

Remember the 80/20 rule: normally 20% of what we do either makes us happy or unhappy.

Delete/Minimize 20% of what is making you unhappy (commitments, work procedures, people).

Increase/focus on the 20% of what is making you happy.

Spend time with good people, minimize the time you spend with those that don’t add to your happiness.

Healthy relationships have been proven to improve the quality and quantity of our lives.

Remember: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” — Jim Rohn

Eliminate the need to prove yourself, to yourself or anyone else.

Often the need to be “perfect” tends to lead to depression/anxiety/burnout.

Imagine if you could never tell a single person about your achievements, would you still pursue them? If my journey of self-improvement doesn’t make me a “better” person, would I still do it?

Remove attachments.

When we achieve something and feel happy, we quickly adapt, and lose that happiness — we then try to achieve something else, and the cycle repeats, creating what’s called the “hedonic treadmill”.

Stop attaching your happiness to your achievements, goals, possessions and instead find a sense of contentment in things that can’t be lost or taken away.