Meet Dr. Wendy Davis, ND

Dr Wendy Davis
Dr. Wendy Davis, Naturopathic Doctor, has always held a strong belief in health and wellness. She completed her first degree, a Bachelor of Kinesiology, at McMaster University, and her second at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.

Since 2004, she has run a family practice based on a commitment to discovering the root cause of her patient’s health concerns and treating them with various dietary, lifestyle and Naturopathic therapies. 

Open communication and education are fundamental to her practice as she believes her patients need to take a primary role in their health and healing. Her desire to share the healing properties of herbs and her love of tea has helped her patients learn more about how gentle medicine is often some of the most powerful.

Dr. Wendy is able to bridge the gap between conventional and Naturopathic medicine using standardized research and traditional methods to help her patients regain and maintain their health.