Our Story

Harmony Tea Co was developed by Dr. Wendy Davis, ND out of a desire to provide a complementary form of medicine that wouldn't further overwhelm her patients. Her belief in using the power of food as medicine, as well as her knowledge of the healing powers of plants, made the use of medicinal teas the perfect solution.

The Eureka Moment

In 2008, Dr. Wendy was at a conference listening to a world-renowned Naturopathic Doctor lecture on the importance of detoxification for many health conditions. He explained that he recommended his patients drink three cups of green tea, three cups of oolong tea and three cups of rooibos tea each day in order to help reduce weight, improve cellular health and release toxins from their bodies. 

Dr. Wendy liked the concept but knew she would never convince her patients to drink nine cups of tea a day. However, she contemplated that if she were able to blend the three together and suggest her patients drink two to three cups of the blend daily, that could work!

Initially, Dr. Wendy began blending the teas in her kitchen and they became very popular. However, she struggled to find time to both make the teas and run a successful Naturopathic clinic and practice.

Healing with teaApproximately five years later, Dr. Wendy read some research on hormone balance which supported the successful use of medicinal herbs for the treatment of various health concerns and hormonal imbalances.
She was familiar with these herbs and of their independent medicinal properties, and as her dream of producing healing teas had never wavered, she had the realization that these herbs, properly blended into teas, could be an even more powerful tool for her patients' health concerns.

She recommitted to reviving her line of medicinal teas and the new blends have been incredibly well received and are showing amazing results.

Drinking a warm cup of tea is a soothing and spiritual act. Add the healing benefits of herbs and magic can happen! 

Enjoy a cup of Harmony Tea Co's Balance or Signature Blends and experience an improved sense of vitality. 

Contact us with any comments and questions, we look forward to hearing from you!

Clean - Responsible - Living, One Sip at a Time!

We hope you'll take a few minutes a day to relax and enjoy the healing power of nature. 

Made in CanadaHarmony Tea Co Balance and Signature Blends are proudly MADE IN CANADA

Quality, Medicinal, Organic Teas to improve health

At Harmony Tea Co. it is our mission to provide superior quality, medicinal, organic teas to restore and maintain exceptional health ONE SIP AT A TIME.