21 Day Detox - Hormone, Weight and Mood Balance in just 3 weeks! – Dr Wendy Davis ND

21 Day Detox - Hormone, Weight and Mood Balance in just 3 weeks!

Each year I run at least 1 detox program and the testimonials from those that have completed them are incredible, as the changes they have seen are amazing. Here is one of the comments I received after a previous program I ran:

"Let’s face it…I don’t always stick to the “good for me” foods and I often get out of the routine of using simple hacks for cleaner living.

Dr Wendy’s detoxes/cleanses are all encompassing. She shares many tips on foods, environment, products and the body. You take away a lot of knowledge and are given to tools to implement what was learned.
Each time I participate in one, I have a whole body and mind reset.  I feel better, move better and think more clearly.  Allergies, aches, and inflammation dissolve.  I add more detox hacks to my routine and generally DO better.  Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’d been off track until I feel so refreshed after the class!"


Lots of people say they want to do a detox, but many, when being honest with themselves, just don’t want to do the work.  And right now, in this time of constant stress and uncertainty most people's motivation is at an all time low, I get it. No judgment.

So, I am going to make this as easy as I can for everyone who registers for this program.  

I will have menu plans, shopping lists and easy to prepare recipes to take all of the think-work out of this.

All you have to do is commit to going shopping, spend a couple of hours each weekend meal prepping and then enjoy the feeling of improved health.

We will have 3 zoom calls and will discuss the ins and outs of how to limit toxins in our food and body/home care products, how detoxification improves hormone balance and how moods and weight are all related to a healthy detoxification system.

If this is a program that you can't wait to join, click here for pricing information and registration details.