A Bit of Extra Support for This Time of Year – Dr Wendy Davis ND

A Bit of Extra Support for This Time of Year

Reduce anxiety, improve energy and reduce colds and flu.

Kava Calm Px and Pascoflair

Anxiety is a common condition that seems to creep into high gear at this time of year. These are my two favorite go-to’s that help reduce stress and anxiety, safely and effectively.

Kava Calm Px is incredibly effective for healthy neurotransmitter support while promoting a state of relaxation. Preliminary research suggests that kava supports healthy GABA activity by interacting with its receptors. Kavalactones have been demonstrated in studies to cross the blood-brain barrier, which explain their rapid effects. Kava is an excellent addition to a daily stress management program and also helps to reduce insomnia. ** Please contact the clinic to order **

Pascoflair is a long-standing favorite to help relieve restlessness, nervousness and sleep problems.  Pasocflair is non-habit forming and helps to calm the mind, sometimes known as the monkey brain, as it helps to reduce obsessive thoughts. It can be used for sleep disturbances and does not result in sluggishness in the morning

Studies have shown it to be more effective, and faster acting than Valium, with none of the common side effects of common sleeping medications.

BioActive B-Complex (liquid) is a complete source of B vitamins your body needs to support energy, immune function, liver health, and improved metabolism. B vitamins are especially needed during times of physical and mental stress.While they work together to help convert our food into fuel thereby keeping up our energy, they all have specific jobs – supporting healthy skin and hair, working as antioxidants to help to prevent early aging and memory loss, boosting levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, forming red blood cells and maintaining the central nervous system. B vitamins are water soluble, meaning they are not stored in the body and need to be replaced every day.


Based on the FLCCC (Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance) MASK+ protocol, this combination supports improved immune function and due to the specific formulation consisting of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Quercetin and NAC, this product reduces the number of pills needed to ensure adequate protection from SARS-Cov-2 as well as many other viral infections.