Bonus blend - a health mouthwash you can make at home – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Bonus blend - a health mouthwash you can make at home

Did you know that commercial mouthwashes do more harm than good! The harsh ingredients found in regular mouthwash formulas destroy all bacteria in your mouth- even the good bacteria that you need to fight toxins.

If you still want to have a fresh mouth feel, you only need essential oils, filtered water, and baking soda to make a powerful DIY mouthwash. 

Essential oils like tea tree and peppermint naturally fight bacterial infections and kill oral pathogens while nurturing tissue regeneration. As a result, essential oils offer a safe, natural, and powerful way to counteract gingivitis, reduce inflammation, and prevent the conditions that plaque and tartar love.

Blend the following ingredients to make your own remineralizing mouthwash:

**If using salt, heat water and dissolve the salt, let cool.  Add baking soda and essential oils.

Just swish and spit twice a day to get rid of unwanted plaque and keep your smile shiney.  This recipe will not hurt your good bacteria and it's also kid-friendly...