Create a Mindful Eating Environment - Handout 5 – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Create a Mindful Eating Environment - Handout 5


Bring your appetite to the dinner table, but you shouldn't be starving. If you are, you should be eating more during the day.



Warm foods that would be better enjoyed warm. If your food is too hot, allow it time to cool (there's no reason to rush perfection).



Play slow, positive & calming music. Fast, energetic tunes can leave you feeling rushed.



Dimmed or candlelight lighting will promote an all-around calmness.



Serve food in the kitchen. This will allow you to select what you would like to eat and will prevent you from eating more just because it's there.



Before starting to eat, notice the colours and smells of your meal. This will trigger the body's natural digestive processes and prepare your body to receive your delicious food and abundant nutrients. Giving thanks allows for this process to take place organically and allows you to practice gratitude.



Eat slowly and chew well. Make a point to notice the wonderful flavours, temperatures and texture. I am encouraging you to be a food connoisseur!



Put utensils down between bites and take a deep breath. Enjoy every bite, do not rush it.



Eat until you are 80% full and stop. Implement a ritual to remind yourself that eating is over.



If you are still hungry, wait 5-10 minutes before going up for seconds.