Essential Oils to Improve your Mental Health – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Essential Oils to Improve your Mental Health

The power of essential oils to heal is truly amazing.  They are so gentle and safe, and yet so incredibly effective.  I have loved using them for years and find they help in almost every situation. When I have digestive concerns, there is an oil for that.  When I can’t sleep, there is an oil for that and when I’m feeling a bit anxious, oils help that too.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Tame the Squirrel

If you have days that just seem to be a bit much, like you’re here, there and everywhere and feeling a bit anxious that you’re not accomplishing anything, then Tame The Squirrel is the blend for you. It helps instill a sense of focus and calmness and helps motivate and ground you instantly.

Lighten Up

I often put this one on in the clinic to start the day off right.  It is a gently stimulating and revitalizing blend that helps improve mental clarity and concentration. This blend is invigorating and uplifting, helping to promote optimal focus and a heightened sense of awareness.  *Currently only available for purchase in clinic.

Clarity and Calm

Clarity and Calm is great oil to diffuse to create a peaceful and calm energy wherever you are; home, work or in your vehicle.

This blend contains a combination of Tangerine, Orange for improved focus and concentration as well as Ylang Ylang which brings a comforting scent, making it great for massages, yoga or part of your bedtime routine.

Stress Less


Not only does this blend work wonders when diffused at work or home to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, but this blend can be added to hair and body products or can be used as a personal fragrance to allow you to carry feelings of calm with you throughout the day.