Harmony Tea Co’s Anti-Inflammatory Signature Blend – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Harmony Tea Co’s Anti-Inflammatory Signature Blend

No time is a good time for headaches, but summer is quite possibly the worst time when there is so much to do and enjoy. Anyone with chronic inflammation notices this because low barometric pressure acts as a vice grip and compresses already inflamed joints, and for headaches suffers, our poor brains. The turmeric and ginger in Harmony Tea Co’s Anti-Inflammatory Signature Tea helps to reduce this inflammation.

And as one of my patients, VP, can attest to, it is like magic!

"I started using Dr Wendy’s tea as an avid tea drinker and I have been suffering from headaches and migraines for years. I read up on the AntiInflammatory tea and started drinking 2-3 cups a day when I felt a headache or a migraine coming on. After a few cups of tea I found it improved my headaches significantly. I also noticed less aches in my body and even a difference in my skin.  I never need to add honey or anything to the teas as the taste is so good!  I love that I can buy tea made locally and that is all natural ingredients.  You will not regret trying these teas!"