Helpful Hints to Survive the Holiday Gluttony – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Helpful Hints to Survive the Holiday Gluttony

Dietary Self Care for the Holidays

Plan for the Inevitable Chaos

Be realistic when it comes to food planning and preparation by having fast and convenient (and healthy) foods ready to go:

  • Fruit: grab easy to transport fruit like  banana, apples, oranges, grapes
  • Veggies: that don’t require a lot of work to prepare: snap peas, mini carrots, grape tomatoes or mini bell peppers
  • Protein rich foods are key to keep you from snacking: individually wrapped cheese, trail mix/mixed nuts, low sugar jerky, single tuna servings, boiled eggs, and protein bars
  • Whole grain options: crackers, wraps and rice cakes

Everytime you leave the house try to take at least 2 of these snacks along.

Additions to your meals or snacks

Consider 4 important components of each meal this holiday season and it will help you to minimize over indulging! Protein - Fat - Fibre and Flavour.

Breakfast: egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with some added tomato or avocado and an orange for additional fibre and a seasonal tradition.

Lunch: salads are great, but if they are just a bunch of veggies there will be no staying power and you will crave sweets in no time.  Add a good source of protein (chicken, tuna, nuts) and a some healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado)

Supper: try to focus on more of the protein (meat) and fiber (above ground veggies) and healthy fats (butter, olive oil) while not sacrificing flavor. Minimize too many starchy carbs (breads, potatoes, rice) as those will trigger your sweet tooth

Snacks: when eating festive cookies or baked goods  (which are often a source of sugar, and sometimes some fat) try to add some fiber by pairing with some fruit or veggies and maybe a protein with a piece of cheese or some nuts or even a yogurt to help improve your overall energy.