New Practitioners at Harmony Health Clinic – Dr Wendy Davis ND

New Practitioners at Harmony Health Clinic

I am so happy to be able to share this exciting information with you all. Starting in December we have three new practitioners who will be offering their services at Harmony Health Clinic.

Tami Dovell, a Transformational Life Coach/Healer works to help individuals understand themselves and their surroundings. She works with many modalities to help mental, emotional and physical concerns, helping clients heal old patterns, to build the confidence to live their dreams, and become the people they want to be. Tami offers a variety of consultations; one-on-one, for couples, parents, parent/child, children and teens. Tami can offer in-person or virtual consultations booked through the clinic

Melissa Falconer, a holistic nutritionist, believes that food is our medicine and speaks from experience as she launched her career in complementary therapies after her daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2020. She completed a certification in holistic nutrition and is also a supplements advisor. Melissa strives to take the stress out of healthy eating and can work to support many conditions from mental health to hormone balance focusing on how nutrition can help to bring together and heal individuals and families.

Nancy Wozniak, LED light therapist, knows a lot about what she is talking about. Having recovered from a life threatening illness, not just once but twice and using light therapy as part of her healing journey, Nancy knows the power that this therapy has. Light therapy takes advantage of the healing powers of various wavelengths of light. This non-invasive therapy has remarkable outcomes and can work to help resolve any number of conditions from anxiety, asthma to chronic inflammation and pain.