Quiz 2 - Does Your Metabolism Need a Detox? – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Quiz 2 - Does Your Metabolism Need a Detox?

Review this checklist and rank your symptoms on a scale of 0-3 (0: nope not me, 3: heck yah, this is me!) and then calculate your score

0-3 - You’re in great shape, no need for a detox here!

3-5 - A bit of a reset wouldn’t be a bad idea.

>6 - A good detox is just what you need!

Signs and Symptoms

Do you have problems with unwanted weight gain?

Is it hard to lose weight?

Do you feel like you have a lot of fluid retention?

Do you feel like you have decreased stamina?

Is your motivation low?

Are you tired most of the time or have fluctuating energy levels?

Do you have problems getting a good night's sleep?

Do you have addictive behaviors?

Do you suffer from poor impulse or appetite control?

Do you have uncontrollable cravings? (food, alcohol, tobacco, other)

Do you find you have difficulty concentrating?

Do you notice an Increased forgetfulness?

Do you notice difficulty sleeping?

Do you suffer from Anxiety and/orDepression?

Do you feel irrational or irritable for no reason at all?


What is your score?  Are you going to join me on February 22nd?  I hope so!