Save Our Supplements – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Save Our Supplements

Health Canada is strangling Natural Health Products (NHPs) in red tape, leading to increased costs and fewer products on store shelves for Canadians.  What will this mean to you?

Increased Prices & Lack of Availability

Many brands you use will see dramatic price increases or stop existing in Canada altogether. 1/5 brands said they are seriously considering leaving Canada.*

Decreased Product Choice

Complicated and unnecessary changes will force brands to evaluate their product line and drop products that are too expensive or unprofitable, resulting in less variety. In a recent survey, over 70% of brands said they would have to pull products from the market if changes go through.*

No Love for Local

Small, local businesses that cannot afford to navigate increasingly complex regulations and lengthy approval processes will be priced out of business. 83% of companies said it will be challenging to absorb the costs of these changes.*

Nothing New

Exciting new products and international brands will likely not come to Canada because the regulatory burden will be too severe.

Environmental Burden

New regulations are increasing the amount of packaging (for the same amount of product), reducing recyclability, adversely impacting the environment.

What can you do?

Tell your member of Parliament to STOP Health Canada from taking your NHPs.

Step ① : Fill in the form with your details.

Step ② : Fill out Petition e-4474

Step ③ : Download our action kit and help us spread the word.