Summer is a terrible time for Tummy Troubles! – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Summer is a terrible time for Tummy Troubles!

BBQ Season is here and this pretty much ensures a higher intake of hamburgers, hot dogs, quick grab and go snacks and often more alcoholic beverages.  

Hey, no judgement because our summers are so short we deserve to enjoy them right?!  However, for some the consumption of these foods can lead to a lot of digestive upset (gas, bloating, heartburn or reflux, loose stool etc).

Outside of minimizing these foods (see article on the 80/20 rule), I tend to recommend people take a couple of really effective supplements and finish a meal with a stomach soothing tea to help them enjoy the season without paying too much of a price.

ProbioSAP from NFH is a great broad spectrum probiotic that works in our intestines to ensure we support our gut health, helping to minimize bloat and gas.

Digestzyme from Designs for Health is my second go to for those that find that they can’t digest fats or large amounts of protein very well.  This supplement, taken with meals, works immediately and helps ensure improved digestion.

Happy Tummy Signature Blend Tea contains a special blend of herbs formulated to support healthy digestion. The soothing ginger-mint flavoured blend helps to soothe the stomach promoting Improved Digestion and Regularity.

All Harmony Tea Co teas  are available from my clinic or online at and the recommended supplements can also be purchased at at Harmony Health Clinic ( or on my online dispensary Fullscript.