Supplements for Mood Concerns – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Supplements for Mood Concerns

Neurapas (Pascoe)

This product is probably one of my favorites for those suffering from anxiety, mild-moderate depression, SAD or simply low mood. The synergistic combination of St John's Wort, Valerian and Passionflower are incredibly safe and profoundly effective. Taken acutely or for longer periods of time, this product is non-habit forming and works quickly to relieve mood disorders.


Stress Formula (Veeva)

This product was developed to treat stress where it all begins, in the brain. While many other products merely treat the damage caused by stress, Veeva’s Stress Formula provides herbals and nutraceuticals to help bring the stress response back into balance, reducing mental and physical stress promoting a healthy mood.


Anxiety Formula (Veeva)

This product was designed to treat anxiety, without the side-effects of prescription medication, and was the first product of its kind to be licensed specifically to relieve occasional anxiety associated with stress. It helps to relieve/reduce occasional anxiety associated with stress, promoting relaxation, improved memory, increased energy and resistance to stress.