Supplements to Support Vibrant, Youthful Skin – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Supplements to Support Vibrant, Youthful Skin

There is so much that can be done working from the inside out to ensure healthy, vibrant looking skin.  The skin is an external mirror of what is happening on the inside of your body.  So supporting healthy metabolism is important.

There is a lot of research focusing on a reduction in toxic oxidant stress all of which helps to improve our overall health, and specifically our skin.

Antioxidant Network by CanPrev is one of my favorite supplement combinations for anyone that has increased exposure to chemicals and toxins and wants to reduce the impact to reduce the chance of long term health problems.

Not only does this supplement buffer the impact of toxins, but helps to improve the health of our skin and strengthens the immune system overall.

Just 1-2 capsules daily is all that is required.

TruMarine Collagen (Within Us)

Let’s not kid ourselves, reducing wrinkles is a common concern once we hit a certain age.  Or maybe it’s just me?

Regardless, TruMarine Collagen from Within Us has done extensive research and has shown that after only 8 weeks of use, this product was shown to reduce the number and depth of wrinkles. I have not seen this research from any other company and so feel confident in recommending this product to anyone looking for a high quality collagen.

I simply add a scoop to my daily smoothie, but this can also be added to daily coffee or simply mix in water.

Omega 3 oils

Did you know that what you eat can directly impact how quickly your skin will burn or be damaged by the sun?! Honest.

If you consume a lot of seed oils (canola, soy, corn etc) it has been shown that this increases inflammation and in particular, negatively impacts the health of our skin.

Reducing your intake of these oils is a no brainer, but increasing your intake of Omega 3 fatty acids, also commonly known as fish oils, can help to reduce the impact of the inflammatory Omega 6 oils.

I carry both capsule form Trident SAP 66:33 (NFH) as well as a number of liquid forms Omegavail Smoothie (Designs for Health) that work very well.

2000mg 1-2x daily will help to improve the health and integrity of your skin.