Take the Rocking Chair Challenge – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Take the Rocking Chair Challenge

What is it that truly matters to you? How will you spend the next 12 months?
There are many ways of answering this question.
One of the simplest ways to come to an answer is the Rocking Chair Challenge.
Imagine yourself in a rocking chair at 100 years old, reflecting on your life. Imagine looking back from this vantage point and what do you think your 100 year old self would think?
What would have seemed important? 
What would have felt like a valuable use of your time? 
What will you wish you had done more of?
What will you wish you had done less of? 

This is not to say that it’s possible to spend every single moment of our lives doing only what truly matters. That’s an unattainable goal for most of us since we have  constraints and obligations that we’re not in full control of.

But we can make a conscious choice to resist the paradigm of busyness and distraction.

Journalist Anne Helen Peterson wrote in an essay about burnout

“None of us can single-handedly overthrow a society dedicated to limitless productivity, distraction, and speed. But right here, right now, you can stop buying into the delusion that any of that is ever going to bring satisfaction.”

What have you been yearning for that you haven’t allowed yourself to pursue?

What will feel most important when you look back from your rocking chair—and how can you do more of that now?

Make some time to answer these questions.  Relax with a cup of coffee or tea, sit down with your journal, and give yourself some time to consider these questions.

Think about how you will take steps in those directions, and commit to taking a few of those steps this year.  These aren’t New Years resolutions—which often feel disconnected from the deeper awareness we’re talking about in this blog.

They are commitments that come from recognizing that our time on earth is limited—and precious - and we need to work towards living a life with joy and purpose.