Teas to make you Happy – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Teas to make you Happy

Simply the act of brewing a cup of tea can be relaxing and instill a sense of calm.  Harmony Tea Co. has 2 blends specifically designed to help reduce anxiety and low mood.  Both can be drunk either hot or cold and can be enjoyed all year round.
Many people have cravings when they are feeling a bit down in the dumps, either salty (chips/popcorn) or sweet (chocolate!!) This blend contains organic cacao both to help soothe those cravings, and because chocolate is a great source of magnesium, which also helps calm our nervous systems.
It also includes St John’s Wort, a popular herb for mood balance, and lavender, a herb long known for its ability to reduce anxiety.
When I make this tea I feel so happy and relaxed, and I hope it helps you feel the same when you drink it.
This grounding lemon-spearmint flavored blend contains passionflower, lemon balm and holy basil/tulsi, all of which help support the production of GABA, the calming neurotransmitter, and work to reduce cortisol, a stress hormone associated with chronic stress, all of which  supports a balanced mood and promotes inner calm and relaxation.