Vision Boards - A Fun Way to Manifest Your Intentions for 2022 – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Vision Boards - A Fun Way to Manifest Your Intentions for 2022

Vision Boards

What is a Vision Board?

​​Also known as a dream board or goal board, it is basically a collage of images and/or words used as a visualization tool. The collage represents your goals or dreams and by putting these all in one place, it becomes easier for you to visualize and manifest them in your life.

Visioning can help increase motivation and confidence, as well as set your mind up for success in many areas of your life. This involves playing with our right brain to invoke creativity and imagination. It’s a process that often helps us get to the heart of what we desire, what holds value for us, and then it prompts us into action from a space of aliveness and alignment.

At their core, vision boards are a collage of images, words, and phrases that capture your vision of the future. The intent of this dream board is to make you feel truly giddy, inspiring you to stay focused and take action.

Vision boards that are created from the space of receptivity to what is to come can be truly enlightening. These visions can be in the form of colors, feelings, words, or sensations. Such vision boards are highly spontaneous and intuitive.

Another kind of vision board is one created from the space of intention, where we look into our deepest longings and actively engage in exploring, expressing, and representing these desires through different means. This is a form of manifestation.

Why are they useful?

It turns out putting your goals on paper in this type of visual format can actually help you achieve them. It's a notion that Oprah and other celebrities, like Reese Witherspoon, have touted before 

According to Psychology Today, mental practices (like visualization) can increase motivation, confidence, and even motor performance. In fact, in one study, researchers found that, in athletes, visualization was almost as effective as physical practice.

When should we do a vision board?

Ideally 1x a year

  • Birthday
  • New Year
  • Whenever you want

How do you make a vision board?

Look at your values, think about what you want to manifest in your life, think about what parts of your life need to be nourished or sustained and remember, be vulnerable and be honest.


Ideas for what to include on your vision board:

  • Images
  • Words
  • Quotes
  • Affirmations
  • Personal Relationships
  • Money
  • Romance
  • Health
  • Finances
  • Spirituality 
  • Personal Growth
  • Enjoyment/Fun
  • Physical Environment

Making your own Vision Board 

This can be done on programs like Canva which allow for a lot of freedom and creativity or you can use one of the many phone apps such as EnVision or Dream or HHVB.

Or you can simply use a cork board or white board and stick photos, pictures and words that resonate with you on there so you can see them on a daily basis to remind you of all that you want to invite into your life.