When was the last time you put yourself FIRST? Written by - Tami Dovel – Dr Wendy Davis ND

When was the last time you put yourself FIRST? Written by - Tami Dovell

When was the last time you put yourself FIRST?

Inside all of us, beneath the surface of all life’s problems, lies a deep peace.

Yet how often do we take the time for ourselves to stop, sit and experience silence or stillness.

In our lives with busy schedules and agendas, it seems too easy to put ourselves last,  never making time to unwind, relax and reset yet wondering why we feel so exhausted. Exhausted, but yet can’t sleep, and are often moody and short with our loved ones ~ living our lives in a state where mental health is at an all time low.

It makes sense that the less time we make for our own well being our reality will then reflect feeling unwell and unhappy. Often we have no idea how to stop the vicious cycle or even know where to begin. I know this as well, I've been there, it can be so hard.

This is the very reason I created my transformational retreat weekends! 

They offer a warm loving space for a mental, physical and emotional reset! A nurturing and inspiring weekend designed to rebalance the nervous system, allowing you to relax out of the sympathetic (fight or flight, overdrive, overwhelm, unfocused, busy mind) into the parasympathetic ( calm, relaxed, focused, quiet mind). 

This cannot happen in the busy-ness of life and constant running.

These retreats offer a safe space to stop and let go of life’s problems. I will work with you to connect with and identity of the stresses in our lives and unravel that which keeps us wounded. 

We will do some deep work on core belief systems, spend time and make space for inner reflection,  clarifying the next chapter while leaving behind all that no longer serves

All retreats are a gathering of women with whom you can relate and  want to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. 

I offer a gentle way back to yourself while making new conscious friends that feel like family! 

I’ve been hosting Transformational retreats for 10 years and find the need to offer four a year. I’ve witnessed hundreds of women show up on Friday completely defeated, and then leave two days later more excited about their lives than they EVER remember!!

My retreats are more than your average retreat ~ they are a rite of passage and a journey to return to your true limitless and eternally lovable self!

 My upcoming retreat dates:

March 15th ~ Self Love Retreat

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