Whole Body Reset Lifestyle Detox Quiz – Dr Wendy Davis ND

Whole Body Reset Lifestyle Detox Quiz

Most people think that a Detox is just about diet change, but did you know if your environment is dirty, you might need to do a home and lifestyle detox as well?

Do this quiz to find out if the Whole Body Reset is what you need.


Do you suffer from Allergies?  Y/N

If Yes, Do you need antihistamines to manage your allergy symptoms? Y/N

Do you get a headache when you smell strong perfumes/colognes?  Y/N

Do you have a hard time with snow mold in the spring, and leaf mold in the fall?  Y/N

Do you feel unwell in old buildings (library, church) with water damage or mold?  Y/N

Do you get headaches in the laundry product aisle in the grocery store? Y/N

Do you suffer from asthma or eczema? Y/N

Do you suffer from achy joints? Y/N

Do you have problems losing weight? Y/N

Home Care Products

Do you use Febreze or air purifier plug-ins? Y/N

Do you burn scented candles in your house? Y/N

Have you ever found mold in your house? Y/N

Has your house ever sustained water damage? Y/N

Do you use scented dryer sheets? Y/N

Do you have your clothes dry cleaned regularly? Y/N

Body Care Products

How many conventional body care products do you use in a day? (Shampoo/Conditioner/Skin lotion/Perfume/Make-up/Nail polish…) 

Is your skin sensitive to various skin products? Y/N

Environmental Exposures

Are you exposed to chemicals in your work? (pesticides/cleaning agents) Y/N

Do you get the flu shot annually? Y/N

Do you have any mercury fillings? Y/N

Do you take pharmaceuticals on a daily basis? Y/N

Each YES = 1 point

Each NO = 0 point

Your total: 

0-5:  This is great, you have minimal exposure/symptoms, keep up the good work 🙂

6-12:  Not bad, you have moderate amount of exposure/symptoms, a bi-annual cleanse would be a good 


> 13: Yikes, you have a high level of exposure and/or symptoms, a detox would be an excellent idea!