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Mandarin Essential Oil

Dr. Wendy Davis ND

Mandarin Essential Oil

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Mandarin (Citrus reticulata) 

Mandarin Essential Oil is often thought to have the sweetest aroma, and it tends to be less stimulating than most other citrus oils with the exception of Bergamot. 

It is not typically found to be as stimulating, but is a wonderfully uplifting oil. Aromatically, it blends well with many other essential oils including citrus, floral, wood, spice and herb families of oils.

Mandarin Essential Oil tends to be a favorite of children. If desiring to diffuse a citrus oil in the evenings before bed, this in combination with  Lavender is a great choice.


  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Oily Skin
  • Scars
  • Stress
  • Wrinkles