Courage Essential Oil – Dr Wendy Davis ND
Courage Essential Oil

Dr. Wendy Davis ND

Courage Essential Oil

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This blend has many powerful oils that have historically been used to instill feelings of confidence and strength in warriors before they went off to battle. It can be used before athletic competitions or even before exams to help improve confidence.

The earthy and grounding yet uplifting scents help to bring calm and courage to all that smell them.



Black Spruce

Blue Tansy

Camphor Wood



  • This oil can be applied to the bottoms of the feet and/or the back of your neck to unwind before bed.
  • Apply Courage to the back of your neck before going to work or into a challenging meeting to help inspire feelings of confidence.
  • Refresh throughout the day by directly inhaling or diffusing Courage or massaging it onto your neck, chest or hands and wrists.