Funginail Essential Oil – Dr Wendy Davis ND
Funginail Essential Oil

Dr. Wendy Davis ND

Funginail Essential Oil

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This blend contains three of the most potent oils to help get rid of fungal infections. It was designed to treat toenail fungus, but can also be used in steam inhalations for fungal sinus infections as well.

The combination of these oils produces a synergizing effect which promotes efficient healing, especially when used consistently.


Tea tree




  • Can be used topically on toenail fungus
  • Add 3-4 drops in 1 tbsp olive or coconut oil and apply to areas of athlete’s foot, jock itch or tinea versicolour
  • Dilute 3-4 drops in 2- 3 tbsp coconut oil, apply to a damp cloth and place on vaginal tissues to help treat yeast infections