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Mindful Eating Tips and Tricks - Handout 3

1. Practice out of sight, out of mind. If you are the type of person to prepare or bake foods far in advance, store them at the back of the freezer. The holidays are actually a few days, not an entire season. 2. Don't skip meals the day of a special celebration or gathering. The goal is never to get all dressed up and eat as much as you can when it's served. 3. Be mindful of snacking. If you are preparing the holiday meal, be aware of your snacking during the cooking and baking process. It's easy to eat an entire meal (while tasting) before even sitting down to your dinner. 4. Wear appropriately fitted clothing with a normal...

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Your Why and Your Personal Goals - Handout 1

What is a WHY? A "why" is your own internal motivation for pursuing a specific behavior or course of action. A good why comes from INSIDE, and happens when you create space to be self-aware and introspective. A good why is NOT going to come from external sources. It’s not the thing you think you SHOULD be doing, it’s the thing that you WANT to do based on your own goals and what you believe will serve you and bring you the most happiness.  Having a why is critical with any habit change, especially a challenging commitment like a month long detox program. A solid why provides stability and direction, especially when things get chaotic or stressful. Think of it...

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