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Whole Body Reset Physical Quiz

Would a Whole Body Reset help you this spring? Answer these Y/N questions to find out! Do you have low energy or frequent fatigue? Do you get less than 7.5 hrs of sleep most nights? Do you have IBS, Crohn’s or Ulcerative Colitis? Do you ever go more than 1 day without a bowel movement? Do you have gas, bloating or other digestive issues more than 2x per week? Do you have frequent diarrhea or loose stool? Do you have a very busy, stressful life? Are your stress levels moderate to high? Do you suffer from anxiety, depression or lack of focus/brain fog? Do you suffer from any pain including headaches or joint pain? Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia? Are...

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Body Talk and Reiki are now available at Harmony Health Clinic

Harmony Health Clinic is thrilled to announce that Dana Clay will be offering her services every other Monday from 1:00-6:30pm. Dana has been a healthcare professional, working in primary care as a Nurse Practitioner for over 15 years. That knowledge along with the complementary therapies of BodyTalk, Reiki, and Access Bars allows Dana to create a healing session tailored to your needs.  Dana uses biofeedback, tapping, and your innate wisdom to target areas of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance to bring about increased whole body health. It is very gentle and interactive method that may help alleviate levels of stress, improve sleep, reduce anxiety and/or depression, physical pains, and so much more. Every session is different as Dana works to...

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